Assessing Left Ventricular Size and Systolic Function


Learn how to correctly trace the blood-tissue interface to obtain a quantitative biplane ejection fraction with and without the use of sonographic contrast. Correlate your findings with visual estimation to improve quality control and estimation of systolic function at the point of care.


Jacob Mayfield, MD


Last updated

February 11, 2023

Module contents
  • Didactic - LV Ejection Fraction and Chamber Size
  • Didactic - Tracing Endocardial Borders
  • Practice Question - Which of the following is the correct endocardial border tracing?
  • Didactic - Estimating EF - Visual Estimation
  • Practice Question - What is the visual ejection fraction of the heart shown in the attached video?
  • Didactic - Estimating EF - EPSS
  • Clinical Case - Measuring LVEF
  • Didactic - Using Echo Contrast
  • Clinical Case - Echo Contrast Applied
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