Ready to make the Echo Learning Platform available to your trainees?

The Echo Learning Platform hosts our online, case-based, interactive echocardiography curriculum targeted toward cardiology trainees, cardiac sonographers, and attending cardiologists.

How it works

Our curriculum consists of a growing library of succinct, high-yield modules on various topics in echocardiography, ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels.

Each module, designed to take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, consists of a pre-test paired with a global subjective research instrument followed by a combination of didactic components. After completing the module, the user completes a post-test and another short global research instrument.

Training program directors and Echo Lab directors have access to aggregate performance and completion statistics from their institution. Directors can compare their users' performance with the national average.

How to participate

Our curriculum is case-based — each module coaches users through one or more real life cases which are deidentified and must be loaded onto the local echo reading software platform (i.e., Xcelera). For this reason program directors must reach out to us directly to arrange for addition of an institution to the Echo Learning Platform community.

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